2007 Chevy Colorado

The Colorado didn't come with a trailer hitch so I decided to put one on. I chose a Hidden Hitch from Etrailer.com. It had holes in the receiver plate to mount plug-ins.

The installation was easy and straightforward. The hitch sandwiches the outside of the frame using the same bolts that hold that bumper on. The instructions say it is a 30-minute installation, but it took me more like 90 minutes doing it myself. The kit is complete, and once you get the first bolt in the rest is easy as cake.

I bought a 4-pin plug that went in one of the holes so there would be no wires dangling. I also bought a harness adapter for a 5-minute wiring job. An American flag receiver cover finished the job.

The best part is that we saved $100 by buying the hitch ourselves vice getting it from the factory.

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