Whelen lightbar modification

A guy saw my Jeep CRD page and emailed me a few questions about it as he was considering buying one (he did). He also mentioned he had some used Whelen Edge 9000 lightbars for sale if I were interested. It was a good deal so I bought one to potentially put on Sarah's truck. When I got it I cleaned it up and checked the electronics. Everything worked. It has four corner strobes, front & rear flashers, takedown lights, and alley lights.

Here is the 48" Whelen bar.

I set it on Sarah's Colorado and it looked too big...it was wider than the roof. Sarah looked at it and gave it that female nose wrinkle. I decided to give a try to cutting it down and making it shorter. It didn't cost that much so what the hell. I decided to make it as wide as the tops of her doors.

Here's what size a 39" lightbar would be.

Here is the stripped lightbar. You can see it used to have a siren speaker on it.

Here is the wiring harness. I ended up removing 5 wires to make the harness smaller and easier to route.

The strobe power supply. You can tell this is on old bar.

I used my chop saw and cut 4 11/16" off each end.

Mock up on the truck.

Here is a front and rear view of the finished product. I think it turned out well. I moved the take down lights to the inside of the bar. This gives more separation to the flashers and more of a combining effect to the takedowns. I had to trim a couple lenses and the black filler strip with the chop saw.

I tied the cable close to the lightbar. I don't like droopy cables rubbing the paint.

The lightbar came with standard gutter-mount brackets. With a simple trim I was able to convert these into body mount brackets.

The lenses were in bad shape so I ordered new lenses from Copcars.com.

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